Home Renovation Bentleigh

Home Renovation Bentleigh

House Sanctuary Builders stand out as the premier provider of top-tier home renovation services. Their latest project in Bentleigh showcases their expertise in delivering exceptional repair and design. This comprehensive guide details the meticulous process undertaken by House Sanctuary Builders to create a modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in […]

House Renovation Carlton North

House Renovation Carlton North

A well-planned renovation inside a house is the key to a comfortable stay in it. Carefully selected materials and high-quality work will increase the durability of the renovation. Completely renovating and rearranging the walls of your home can make a big difference to the look of your living space. This is the approach we have […]

House Renovation Niddrie

House renovation Niddrie

When we were planning to renovate house in Niddrie, we knew exactly where to start. Our extensive renovation experience came to our aid, helping us to understand the details of the renovation in the smallest detail. The main criterion for evaluating a quality renovation is the end result and the gratitude of the home owners. […]

Murrumbeena bathroom renovation


The bathroom was renovated in Murrumbeena, VIC for the client’s house, which will be rented to tenants. In this house, we did a complete renovation of the kitchen and more minor repair work on the bedrooms. This work required us to high output due to tight deadlines. One of the main stages of the bathroom […]

Bathroom and laundry renovations Glen Iris

bathroom and laundry renovations glen iris

We offer one of the best renovating services in Glen Iris. Turning your house, unit or appartment into something amazing is our goal. We have recently completed a remarkable project in Glen Iris and our client was very happy. Everything was according to client’s budget and his expectations. Client wanted a luxurious bathroom with minimal […]

House renovations Moorabbin

House renovations Moorabbin

Any House renovation projects start from the basics, where all the changes happen. We usually run some kind of bid with the owner on the overall budget and the scope of renovations. What that budget needs to encompass is building upgrades and details that can improve the house, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. After we preparing […]

Apartment Kitchen Renovation St. Kilda

Kitchen renovation st kilda

Kitchen is a room that we use every single day. Hence, it should be functional and visually appealing. A client from St. Kilda got in touch with us and handed over a kitchen renovation project. The client was engaged with the process of transforming the entire apartment into a minimalist one. We could work along […]

Bathroom & Laundry renovation Cheltenham

Bathroom & Laundry renovation Cheltenham

House Sanctuary Builders Pvt. Ltd is a leading renovation company that has completed many bathroom and laundry renovation projects. Recently, we completed a Bathroom and Laundry renovation in Cheltenham according to the plan, budget and client expectations. During the process, posh features were added in an old bathroom that required real spruce up. In this […]

House renovation Oakleigh


House Sanctuary Builders is one of the most reputed companies in Melbourne for offering house renovations. The team at House Sanctuary Builders has been able to maintain a strong reputation by completing multiple house renovation projects in the past. They include bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and even complete house renovations. This is one of the […]