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House Sanctuary Builders was established as a Building, Renovation and Maintenance company providing product quality for competitive prices and fast job turnaround. We have maintained this ethos and solidified it through our decade long experience and Building Accreditation. We are a Licensed Building Practitioner and providing responsible and caring services to all clients, ensuring our works carry the necessary warranty as proscribed by the Australian Standards.

Our Renovation Services


House Sanctuary Builders offers great range of finishes for competitive prices. We pride on delivering the bathroom renovation that the client seeks with responsible turnaround times and offer our expertise with selections and design.


House Sanctuary Builders provides assists our clients in designing functional and practical kitchen for every clients’ custom needs. We ensure detail and thoroughness in assembly and installation. We provide clients with peace of mind of product durability and quality. Call us today to find out more.


At House Sanctuary Builders – we aim to provide competitive costs to clients with a high quality finish and manageable job lifecycles on our renovation sites. Customer communication prior to commencement and during the job duration ensures a good solid relationship and provides clients with confidence and assurance that works are being undertaken in accordance to their expectations and taste.


We spend a lot of time in laundry every single day. Hence, it is important to go ahead and improve its functionality, along with efficiency. We are here to provide all the support you want with it. We are having a team of experienced laundry renovators. You can contact us for laundry renovations without keeping any second thoughts in mind. Any person who is looking for the best laundry renovations Melbourne can work along with us and receive the services we offer.

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