House Renovation Hawthorn

house renovations hawthorn

Renovating a home, especially in Hawthorn, was a challenging adventure for our renovation team. Below, we wall walk you through a recently completed home renovation in Hawthorn, giving you an intimate look at every step of the journey. 1. Designing: Our project began, as most do, with a comprehensive design phase. In the Melbourne property […]

Home Renovation Anglesea

house renovation Geelong

Situated in a favourable geographical location between the bustling city of Geelong and the picturesque surroundings of the Surf Coast Shire, Anglesea is an amazing place to live. We wish to share the completed renovation in Anglesea, highlighting the distinctive stages and important elements that are integral to a successful residential conversion. Design At the […]

Home Renovation Oakleigh

Home renovation Oakleigh

Full Renovation Completed: An Inside Look Thank you for visiting our page. This Home Renovation project in Oakleigh was completed by House Sanctuary Builders last year. The result of the renovation exceeded the client’s expectations, as every element of the home was meticulously redesigned and rebuilt with the utmost care and precision. The transformation included […]

House Renovation Newport

house renovation Newport

House Sanctuary Builders hold a prominent place among the house renovation companies based in Melbourne. We are more than happy to help our clients with transforming their living spaces. One of the most recent home renovation projects we completed was for a client in Newport. The client came up with the idea of renovating the […]

House Renovation Carlton North

House Renovation Carlton North

A well-planned renovation inside a house is the key to a comfortable stay in it. Carefully selected materials and high-quality work will increase the durability of the renovation. Completely renovating and rearranging the walls of your home can make a big difference to the look of your living space. This is the approach we have […]

House Renovation Niddrie

House renovation Niddrie

When we were planning to renovate house in Niddrie, we knew exactly where to start. Our extensive renovation experience came to our aid, helping us to understand the details of the renovation in the smallest detail. The main criterion for evaluating a quality renovation is the end result and the gratitude of the home owners. […]

House renovations Moorabbin

House renovations Moorabbin

Any House renovation projects start from the basics, where all the changes happen. We usually run some kind of bid with the owner on the overall budget and the scope of renovations. What that budget needs to encompass is building upgrades and details that can improve the house, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. After we preparing […]

House renovation Oakleigh


House Sanctuary Builders is one of the most reputed companies in Melbourne for offering house renovations. The team at House Sanctuary Builders has been able to maintain a strong reputation by completing multiple house renovation projects in the past. They include bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and even complete house renovations. This is one of the […]

Apartment Bathroom Renovation St Kilda East

House Renovation St Kilda East

Apartment renovation project in St. Kilda East We have worked on Apartment renovation projects for numerous clients in St. Kilda East area. The team at House Sanctuary Builders strongly believes that this project was awarded due to the excellent reputation that the team is maintaining in the area as of now. We could live up […]

House Renovation Ferntree Gully

House Renovation Ferntree Gully

The expert team at House Sanctuary Builders accepts house renovation projects of all sizes. This is one of the biggest house renovation projects that we delivered to a client based in Ferntree Gully. It was a full house renovation. We could transform an old house into a perfect-looking house within just a short period of […]