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bathroom and laundry renovations glen iris


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We offer one of the best renovating services in Glen Iris. Turning your house, unit or appartment into something amazing is our goal. We have recently completed a remarkable project in Glen Iris and our client was very happy. Everything was according to client’s budget and his expectations. Client wanted a luxurious bathroom with minimal design and combination of white and grey. Old bathroom was not in good condition so on client’s demand we replaced old fittings and fixtures with new ones, added some posh features and make it look modern. Here are some details about this project that we adopted for bathroom renovations Glen Iris.

Panning the project

Every project needs a plan to start with, without a plan everything is disorganized. A plan must follow clients demands and requirements. So, in our first meeting, we let the client speak. We asked them what they had in their mind, what they want to change and how, what colour scheme they want and what kind of style they are looking for. What is their budget regarding waste disposal, fixtures, tiles, plumbing, lighting etc. We also showed them some of our previous work. After the first meeting, we gather the necessary information to plan how we were going to perform the renovation.

We started working on the plan, while keeping client’s demand in mind. Designing a proper plan before actually starting working on the project is necessary, it is a way to know if we both are on same page or not. Luckily bathroom was spacious enough, everything could be fitted as the client wanted, so they can have an impressive experience.

Client wanted two bath basins installed and a separate corner for laundry renovations, they also wanted shower area and bath tub installed side by side. This was not so challenging task to accomplish, given that space was enough, but our experts can handle any kind of challenge so that is not a problem. On third meeting we shared the sketches of bathroom and laundry renovations Glen Iris with client.

Starting with renovation

Although space was enough but there were other challenges. The bathroom was really old, there was a lot of work required regarding plumbing. It was like rebuilding the whole bathroom from scratch. After the client approved drawings, we submitted these to local council for approval. Once they approved the drawings our professional traders started working. As we have to rebuild the whole bathroom so first step was to demolish everything. After demolishing the space, we cleared up the mess for creating a clear useable space to follow the plan.
First, we repaired the walls of the room, new connections were installed following the measurements taken by our experts. Then floor was installed and tiles were finished. This involved fitting off fixtures, floor, wall tiling, waterproofing, sheet installation (cement), painting, grouting and tiling. New overhead cupboards and cabinets were also installed in laundry and bathroom area leaving enough space for machines and remaining things.
For this renovation project we were required to install a new laundry sink, dryer and washing machines side by side in one corner to have a separate laundry area. Although bathroom and laundry area were combined in single room but had separate corners. In bathroom corner commode, shower and bath tub were installed. Shower area was separated using tempered glass on side wall. To give this bathroom a luxurious look we added unique taps, showerheads and other accessories. This was enough to give bathroom a unique look.

Final results

After we were done with the laundry and bathroom renovations Glen Iris, client was surprised to see the result and was really impressed. Everything was according to his demands and budget. Client was so happy with our service that they promised to refer us to other relatives or neighbors who were in need of renovating their bathroom.
If you are need in of renovation services for your bathroom and laundry area, feel free to contact us. We deliver our services all around the Glen Iris. We will keep our demands, requirements and budget in our mind and will design the whole project accordingly. We will make sure to deliver perfect services for your bathroom and laundry renovations Glen Iris.

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