Bathroom renovation St. Kilda

bathroom renovation st kilda

Planning the Bathroom renovation St. Kilda project The homeowner at St. Kilda specially wanted to have a minimalistic bathroom created. In fact, he has transformed the rest of the house to match with the minimalist theme, and he wanted to the same with this project as well. Before getting hands on the bathroom renovation project, […]

Williamstown bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation Williamstown

If you have a small bathroom, don’t feel bad: we have lots of ideas for such cases. No matter how compact your bathroom is, we have the right interior design solution for you. The design of a small bathroom is an art form, and we’ve mastered it to perfection. Small bathroom A small bathroom can […]

Murrumbeena bathroom renovation


The bathroom was renovated in Murrumbeena, VIC for the client’s house, which will be rented to tenants. In this house, we did a complete renovation of the kitchen and more minor repair work on the bedrooms. This work required us to high output due to tight deadlines. One of the main stages of the bathroom […]

Bathroom and laundry renovations Glen Iris

bathroom and laundry renovations glen iris

We offer one of the best renovating services in Glen Iris. Turning your house, unit or appartment into something amazing is our goal. We have recently completed a remarkable project in Glen Iris and our client was very happy. Everything was according to client’s budget and his expectations. Client wanted a luxurious bathroom with minimal […]

Bathroom renovations Moorabbin

Bathroom renovation Moorabbin

With what begins the bathroom renovation? First of all, you need to determine what type of bathroom you want to get as a result: separate or combined. The first option is especially convenient when the house has a large family, the second – gives room to designer fantasy and allows you to arrange a room […]

House renovations Moorabbin

House renovations Moorabbin

Any House renovation projects start from the basics, where all the changes happen. We usually run some kind of bid with the owner on the overall budget and the scope of renovations. What that budget needs to encompass is building upgrades and details that can improve the house, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. After we preparing […]

Bathroom Renovations Dingley Village

Bathroom Renovations Dingley Village

House Sanctuary Builders Pvt. Ltd is one of the best renovation companies working in the Dingley Village area and has completed bathroom renovation project. We followed a bathroom plan based on the customer’s budget and expectations, and in the end, we had a happy customer. The bathroom was old and needed a lot of improvement, […]

Bathroom Renovations Bonbeach

Bathroom renovations Bonbeach

This client came up with the idea of renovating the existing bathroom into a minimalist and luxurious looking one. The client had a clear picture in mind on what he wanted. This helped us to gather the needs without a struggle and work on it. Planning the renovation Before the bathroom renovation, the client expected […]

Bathroom renovation St. Kilda West

Bathroom renovation st kilda

Our team at House Sanctuary specializes in offering bathroom renovation projects of all sizes. One of the most recent projects we completed was to help a client in St. Kilda with renovating a small bathroom. Even though this was not a massive project, we could identify the specific needs and challenges of the client and […]

Bathroom & Laundry renovation Cheltenham

Bathroom & Laundry renovation Cheltenham

House Sanctuary Builders Pvt. Ltd is a leading renovation company that has completed many bathroom and laundry renovation projects. Recently, we completed a Bathroom and Laundry renovation in Cheltenham according to the plan, budget and client expectations. During the process, posh features were added in an old bathroom that required real spruce up. In this […]