House renovations Moorabbin

House renovations Moorabbin


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Any House renovation projects start from the basics, where all the changes happen. We usually run some kind of bid with the owner on the overall budget and the scope of renovations. What that budget needs to encompass is building upgrades and details that can improve the house, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. After we preparing drafts and designs of the house we confirm with owner to determine and start moving in on renovations.

What are the qualities of the renovation that matter to you most?

The characteristics we love are space and detail. This house renovation in Moorabbin was done in an outdoor space surrounded by brick terraces. There were lots of details that did not only enhance the house but it also provided a natural flow with natural landscaping around.
However all major works was done inside the house with renovation of entire kitchen and making it more efficient for family. In addition to that we spent a lot of effort to ensure that what we were going to do would be as low maintenance as possible.

Bathroom has got new bright lighting and modern lights installed. This was done to enhance the space without hiding the details of the existing fixtures. New layout of the bathroom helps to make room for bathtub. New Italian tiles were installed which resulted in totally new design of bathroom which gives an updated look. We also installed new fitted vanity, cabinets, new mirror and glass doors.

The laundry renovation was made keeping all the best ideas in mind to upgrade the function of this space. These things were to fit into the context of design of house. Every small detail of tile work, cabinetry details and lighting can make the small space of laundry more comfortable and neat.

All renovated rooms has got the same beautiful natural tone but at the same time they are modernized. The renovation put fresh breath to the house to make it more attractive and suitable for family.

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