Apartment Kitchen Renovation Elwood

apartment kitchen renovation Elwood

At House Sanctuary Builders, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality renovation projects tailored to our clients’ needs. Our recent project, an apartment kitchen renovation in Elwood, exemplifies our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Here, we detail the steps taken to transform a dated kitchen into a modern, functional space that our clients can enjoy […]

Kitchen Renovation Oakleigh

kitchen renovation oakleigh

The first step in the kitchen renovation process for this Oakleigh project is designing a kitchen tailored to the homeowner’s needs and preferences. This involves careful consideration of the available space, layout, appliances, storage solutions, and lighting. In recent years, Oakleigh homeowners have favored open-plan layouts, integration of natural materials, and energy-efficient appliances. Our design […]

House Renovation Newport

house renovation Newport

House Sanctuary Builders hold a prominent place among the house renovation companies based in Melbourne. We are more than happy to help our clients with transforming their living spaces. One of the most recent home renovation projects we completed was for a client in Newport. The client came up with the idea of renovating the […]

House Renovation Carlton North

House Renovation Carlton North

A well-planned renovation inside a house is the key to a comfortable stay in it. Carefully selected materials and high-quality work will increase the durability of the renovation. Completely renovating and rearranging the walls of your home can make a big difference to the look of your living space. This is the approach we have […]

Kitchen renovation Hawthorn

Kitchen renovation Hawthorn

For every all of us, the kitchen is a very important place. It is her pride. It is the place where the whole family gathers for a tasty meal, where holidays are celebrated and where frank conversations take place. Of course, such a special place should also look special. There are a number of reasons […]

Kitchen renovation Niddrie

Kitchen renovation Niddrie

We are excited to share with you the guide you through the process of renovating a kitchen, step by step. Designing Your Kitchen The first step in renovating your kitchen is to design it. This step involves choosing the right layout, materials, and finishes that will suit your style and functional needs. You can hire […]

House Renovation Niddrie

House renovation Niddrie

When we were planning to renovate house in Niddrie, we knew exactly where to start. Our extensive renovation experience came to our aid, helping us to understand the details of the renovation in the smallest detail. The main criterion for evaluating a quality renovation is the end result and the gratitude of the home owners. […]

Murrumbeena kitchen renovation


This kitchen renovation was done in the area along with the bathroom and laundry room. Repair of the kitchen is more difficult to plan than, say, a bedroom or living room. Here you need to take into account many important points in advance – the location of outlets, the layout of the kitchen set, storage, […]

House renovations Moorabbin

House renovations Moorabbin

Any House renovation projects start from the basics, where all the changes happen. We usually run some kind of bid with the owner on the overall budget and the scope of renovations. What that budget needs to encompass is building upgrades and details that can improve the house, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. After we preparing […]