House Renovation Carlton North

House Renovation Carlton North


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A well-planned renovation inside a house is the key to a comfortable stay in it. Carefully selected materials and high-quality work will increase the durability of the renovation. Completely renovating and rearranging the walls of your home can make a big difference to the look of your living space.
This is the approach we have taken in house renovation in Carlton North.
In order to do this, we discussed the plans with the owner, and offered a large number of options for changing and improving the interior decoration of the house. We took the most suitable finishes and agreed on a suitable choice for specific rooms.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen and dining room layouts were changed in the house. The old windows were replaced with new double glazing windows to increase thermal and acoustic insulation. Thermal insulation has been done in the whole house because it helps to keep the house cosy and warm on long cold winter nights.

The colour of the finish coat is decided at the stage of choosing the interior style. Often the style has its own design and colour scheme. Everything was decided to be very light, because the windows in winter have insufficient light due to the location of the buildings next to them.


The old carpets were removed and a high quality wooden laminate flooring was installed. The new flooring gave the whole house a very sophisticated and cosy look.


The whole bathroom has undergone a complete renovation. The water pipes and drains had become very old and worn out due to the passing of time. We replaced all the water pipes according to technical standards. The positioning of the shower was changed to allow more space in the bathroom itself. A new shower was installed to be more water efficient.

In the backyard we built a wooden deck for the comfort of the owners.

All the power lines have been replaced with new ones for security and safety.

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