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When we were planning to renovate house in Niddrie, we knew exactly where to start. Our extensive renovation experience came to our aid, helping us to understand the details of the renovation in the smallest detail. The main criterion for evaluating a quality renovation is the end result and the gratitude of the home owners. It is important to treat the work with maximum responsibility, to do everything stage by stage and with high quality.

The homeowners were thinking and decided to change the whole house. We start the renovation process by drawing up a project. Different specialists are involved in the house renovation, and we negotiate the scope of the work and the condition of the premises, as well as the complexity of the renovation. Once everything is agreed, a manager comes out to the client with an estimate. It is worth noting that already on the spot, a representative of our company discusses with the client what kind of renovation needs to be done.

An agreement is signed with the client on the renovation work to be carried out, in which all working points, including the timing of the work, are stipulated. The work will be carried out by professionals. The foreman will supervise the repairs and will be responsible for the quality. Note that the repair work is carried out in stages.

Planning the work and preparing for a home renovation

At this stage, homeowners decide whether they want to renovate and which type of renovation is best. Whether it will be just painting the walls or planning to replace windows, doors, plumbing and other utilities. At the first stage, it is advisable to think about the future layout, style and design in which you want to see the room. Experts advise determining in advance what colour the walls in the room will be and where exactly the switches will be located. The effect will be a plan drawn up on paper, sticking to it, you will be able to implement all conceived of ideas. If the stage-by-stage repair of the house will be major, it is advisable to think about where to move large furniture and appliances, as it will interfere with workers. It is drawing up a plan will help to determine the approximate cost of the work.

Dismantling old finishes

This step involves levelling walls, flooring, unwanted partition walls, door and window frames and old electrical wiring.

Renovating and carrying out utilities

Once you have rid yourself of the old finishes, you should start renovating or replacing utilities, such as electricity and plumbing. You should draw up a plan for the location of all the elements at the first stage. It is essential that the work is carried out by a specialist. Please note that if technically possible, the wiring and water pipes should preferably be modernised or updated according to the safety regulations.

Decorative finishing of the room and completion of the work

As soon as all the utilities are in place, the room must be redecorated. In this phase, new doors and windows are installed. After that, the ceiling, walls and finally the floor are finished.

The wood flooring

One of the main advantages of this house is the parquet flooring. The house renovation in Niddrie included a complete renovation of the wood flooring in several stages. The result exceeded all expectations and the work was carried out to a high standard.

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