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The bathroom was renovated in Murrumbeena, VIC for the client’s house, which will be rented to tenants. In this house, we did a complete renovation of the kitchen and more minor repair work on the bedrooms. This work required us to high output due to tight deadlines.

One of the main stages of the bathroom renovation were replacing the pipes. Because repairs in the bathroom have not been carried out for decades, it is important to replace all the pipes in it, otherwise your work on the renovation will be useless: the old water pipes will leak, you will have to change the cabinets and replace tiles in bathroom.

To replace the pipes in the bathroom, we have a team of highly qualified plumbers.

This project required a change of electric lines because the old ones did not meet the safety standard and needed to be changed because of the new location of the shower and lighting.

The tile specialists did a brilliant job of waterproofing for long-lasting service to the future tenants. The tile was matched to the color of the kitchen and the entire house for a cozy and comfortable feel.

The ceiling had a moisture-resistant putty leveled before painting and sanded after it dried. The most reliable paint for the ceiling is acrylic. The area of the ceiling is small, so it took us a little time to repair it.

It is well known that you can not save on plumbing fixtures, especially faucets – items are installed for a long time, the replacement carries certain difficulties. The owner chose plumbing fixtures of average quality. Before buying, we carefully studied the rating of the manufacturer and user reviews on this brand.

The bathtub was chosen from high-evective material for low water temperature loss. The toilet was chosen for the size of the water-saving room.

The wall cabinets were custom made by our highly skilled cabinet maker to the order and desire of the homeowner.

Along with the renovation of the bathroom, we made a remodel of the laundry room. New plumbing was installed, wiring for the dryer and washer was installed. Wall drawers were made on request taking into account small size of the room and high functionality.

We hope the new tenants will be comfortable living in this Murrumbeena home.
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