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Full Renovation Completed: An Inside Look

Thank you for visiting our page. This Home Renovation project in Oakleigh was completed by House Sanctuary Builders last year. The result of the renovation exceeded the client’s expectations, as every element of the home was meticulously redesigned and rebuilt with the utmost care and precision. The transformation included a complete overhaul of essential areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, lounge and laundry room.

In the bathroom, sleek ceramic tiles, lighting and mirrors were installed, creating an atmosphere of elegance and luxury. The kitchen was completely reinvented with new cabinetry, benchtops, and high-end appliances, turning it into a culinary paradise. Bedrooms were transformed into havens of comfort, featuring new flooring and tasteful window treatments. The lounge was reshaped into a space perfect for relaxation and entertainment, while the laundry room was refitted for enhanced functionality. Overall, this renovation project stands as a testament to the exceptional standards of quality and creativity that are synonymous with house renovations, all skillfully executed by House Sanctuary Builders.

House Renovation Services in Oakleigh

House renovation is more than a job; it’s an art. With meticulous planning and execution, we bring your dream home to life. In Oakleigh, our team is well-versed with local styles and preferences, and we take extra care to ensure that every house renovation meets the unique needs and desires of our clients.

Customized Plans: Every renovation begins with a custom plan, tailored to your lifestyle and budget.
Quality: Our skilled traders utilize the finest materials to deliver a lasting quality.
Health friendly Solutions: We offer eco-friendly options that are both sustainable and beautiful.

Apartment Renovation Services in Oakleigh

Apartment renovations require a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of space optimization. In Oakleigh, we offer comprehensive apartment renovation services that align with the distinct dynamics of apartment living.

Space Efficiency: Our designs maximize space without sacrificing style.
Personalization: We transform your apartment into a space that reflects your individuality.
Seamless Integration: We ensure that apartment renovations align with building regulations and community guidelines.

Bathrooms, Kitchens, and More


Bathroom renovations in Oakleigh are undertaken with a clear understanding of both function and fashion. From contemporary to classic styles, we create spaces that are not only beautiful but also practical.


We believe in making kitchens that are a joy to work in. Our kitchen renovations involve carefully selected layouts, materials, and appliances, ensuring they match your taste and needs.

Tailored Renovations

Beyond the kitchen and bathroom, we offer specialized renovations for other parts of the home. Whether it’s the living room, dining area, or outdoor spaces, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Home renovation represents an exciting opportunity to redefine living spaces. Whether it’s house renovation or apartment renovations, we approach each project with a commitment to excellence, creativity, and personalized care. Our team’s comprehensive services ensure that every aspect of your renovation is handled with professionalism and flair. Explore the possibilities today, and let us transform your home into a sanctuary tailored to your life.

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