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Renovating a home, especially in Hawthorn, was a challenging adventure for our renovation team. Below, we wall walk you through a recently completed home renovation in Hawthorn, giving you an intimate look at every step of the journey.

1. Designing:

Our project began, as most do, with a comprehensive design phase. In the Melbourne property market, keeping in line with the area’s historic charm while infusing modern elements is vital. Our team spent weeks drafting designs, ensuring functionality, aesthetic appeal, and adherence to local council regulations.

2. Removing Old Walls and Coverings:

Out with the old, in with the new! Before we could realise our vision, we had to clear the space. Old walls, outdated wallpaper, and ancient floor coverings were removed, revealing the bones of the house. This process is crucial as it allows us to identify any hidden issues or structural concerns.

3. Getting to Work:

With a blank canvas before us, it was time to bring our designs to life. The initial phase of construction focused on structural integrity, ensuring the house was both safe and primed for the subsequent stages.

4. The Bathroom:

In Hawthorn, homeowners value luxurious bathrooms. We opted for a minimalistic design, installing sleek fixtures, frameless glass showers, and matte black finishes to complement the home’s overall aesthetic.

5. The Kitchen:

No home renovation in Melbourne is complete without a modern kitchen. Keeping in mind the city’s love for culinary adventures, we equipped the kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, marble countertops, and chic cabinetry—creating a space as functional as it is beautiful.

6. Electrical Works:

Safety first! Our certified electricians rewired the home, ensuring it met the strict Australian Standards. From installing energy-efficient lighting to setting up smart home systems, every electrical element was taken care of with utmost precision.

7. Plumbing:

Given Melbourne’s varying climate, efficient plumbing is key. Our plumbing team overhauled the entire system, ensuring optimal water pressure and installing water-efficient fixtures, aligning with the city’s sustainability goals.

8. Flooring – Tiles and Parquetry:

For the floors, we went with two primary materials. In areas like the bathroom and kitchen, we chose high-quality ceramic tiles known for durability. For the living areas, timeless parquetry added a touch of Hawthorn’s vintage charm.

9. Walls and Painting:

A fresh coat of paint can transform any space. Our team chose neutral shades, allowing future homeowners the flexibility to personalise their space. The paint used was eco-friendly, with low VOC levels, making it perfect for the Australian home.

10. Enjoying Your New Kitchen:

Once the final brush stroke dried and the last tile was laid, it was time for the most satisfying part: enjoying the transformed space. Our Hawthorn homeowners were ecstatic, especially with their new kitchen—a heart of the home where countless memories would soon be made.

Renovating a home in Hawthorn isn’t just about updating a space. It’s about respecting the past, embracing the present, and setting the stage for a future full of possibilities. As a proud member of the Melbourne property renovation industry, witnessing such transformations never gets old. Whether you’re in Hawthorn or any other part of our vibrant city, remember: every home holds the potential to be your dream home.

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