Bathroom Renovation Caulfield

Bathroom Renovation Caulfield


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This bathroom renovation projects in Caulfield has started with a great plan of organization. Firs of all our draft specialist talk with a client about what will be the final design as well as options in terms of finishes, colors, and sizes. After several sketches the plan was ready and decided on the layout. Then, we continue the discussions with the our renovation team to decide on the material for the bathroom wall and plumbing fixtures. We have to update all the plumbing system because we have to support a more advance bathroom features. Also , we have to complete the woodwork because our wall tiles won’t come on the floor because there are many secret levers in the bathroom walls and they are not suitable for tile application.

After the plumbing works have been finished we started the interior renovation. We started to work at the ceiling and walls. In the original floor plan of this room we created a new one in a better direction. We took the floor plan and tried to solve this task in such a way that the client can connect with the different parts of his home in a better way. We made this bathroom bigger so it could be an additional space. Also we have changed the entire layout.

When the bathroom layout was ready our tilers have started to work on the flooring tiles. We prepared the new floor surface in the best way and confirm with a client to go with a neutral design. Next to this tile project our interior designer and our tilers had a talk about the color of the wall tiles, the plaster and the woodwork of this bathroom.

For this bathroom renovation project in Caulfield we didn’t complete our tasks in a shorter time because we made a lot of changes and updates in the bathroom layout. Our interior designer and our workers were very much involved in this bathroom redesign project. In the beginning the painting of the walls had to be completed and all the details of plumbing and flooring had to be finished as well.

The last task was to pickup the new toilet, sink, shower and bathroom. These bathroom renovation project in Caulfield took us three months of time. We were very much involved in this bathroom design because the owner of the house is elderly and his home needs special attention and care. After finishing the renovation the client was happy with a beautiful and fresh result.

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