Bathroom renovations Caulfield

Bathroom renovations Caulfield


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In this project, we renovated an old and messy bathroom of a house located in Caulfield. It was just one bathroom renovation, but we were able to complete the job perfectly well. If you take a look at the before and after photos, you can clearly see the magical work that we delivered to our client along with this project. This was a challenging project, but it could deliver rewarding results to us. Hence, we are glad that we could get our hands on this project.

Even though this looked like an ordinary bathroom renovations project at a glance, we had to deal with some unique challenges. For example, we couldn’t go ahead with the existing layout of the bathroom. It was not properly designed. Hence, we had to come up with a new layout for the bathroom. All the fixtures in the bathroom had to be replaced as well. The fixtures looked like they were installed around 10 to 15 years ago. Upon understanding the requirement, we went ahead with the renovation project.

Finalizing the plan

Since we had to change the layout of the bathroom during renovation, our team initially got together and started finalizing the plan. All the old fixtures wanted to be removed from the bathroom. For example, there was a big floating vanity. We had to replace that with something better. The client was not happy with the storage space available at the house at all. Hence, we were looking for a new way to add more storage space. This is where we noticed that it is possible to extend storage space in this bathroom by adding a new vanity.
Even the wall tiles and floor tiles in this bathroom had to be changed. They looked old, and a person who walks into this bathroom would even feel like traveling back in time. While taking a look at all those small aspects, we transformed the entire bathroom and delivered a modern look and feel to it.

Bathroom renovations Caulfield

We started renovating this bathroom immediately after finalizing the plan. That’s because the client wanted to get the project done within the shortest possible time. We started working on the shower area and the commode. Our team replaced them. Then we worked on the tile. Removing existing floor tiles and wall tiles was quite challenging. However, we could eventually replace them with modern-looking tiles.

The biggest highlight in this bathroom was the vanity and mirror. We wanted to replace both vanities as well as the mirror. The mirror was in good condition, but we could not get the desired looks by replacing only the vanity. Hence, we replaced both vanities as well as a mirror.

Since the client wanted to get extra storage space, we could get a bigger vanity into this bathroom. The client was previously surviving with just one drawer, but we were able to add up many of them to the bathroom and impress him. This is among the most successful bathroom remodeling projects we could complete.

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