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Scorpe of Works

Price Range

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project Description

This kitchen renovation was done in the area along with the bathroom and laundry room.
Repair of the kitchen is more difficult to plan than, say, a bedroom or living room. Here you need to take into account many important points in advance – the location of outlets, the layout of the kitchen set, storage, etc. We did the kitchen renovation beautifully and high quality.

Plan and visualize

To visualize the final result, we used our kitchen interior designer. Drawing the project after several changes was approved by the customer and we proceeded to calculate the estimate of the kitchen renovation project.

Renovation sequence

First of all we started with the renewal of the electrical lines. Since the new kitchen will have a lot of appliances in different places.


Necessary changes in the water pipes were made to install new sinks and dishwasher sink. The new location and distance from the pipes to the sewer drain was taken into account. All of these nuances were discussed with our professional plumber and confirmed with the homeowner.

Floor screed, wall and ceiling leveling

Very important in the renovation of this kitchen was the repair work on the walls, ceiling and floor.
We did all the work in accordance with technical and safety standards. In particular after all the finishing work, the room was thoroughly dry. Everything was leveled and made ready for the subsequent work to install ceramic tiles on the walls and floor.

Kitchen Benchtop

The installation of the bentchtop depended directly on its material. The material, texture and color were matched to the ceramic tile pattern on the floor and walls. Benchtop was installed before installing the kitchen cabinets, since this work could damage their quality.

The kitchen cabinets were purchased pre-finished and installed after all the ceramic tile work was completed.

Dining area

In terms of style, the dining area match the design of the kitchen as a whole and the kitchen set. The location of the dining area was determined at the design stage. The right place for it balanced the proportions of the room.

In the photos you can see all the subtleties of the work done. If you like our work and you are planning a renovation please do not hesitate to call or email us.


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