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laundry renovation Bentleigh East


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Our recent laundry renovation project has redefined the concept of utility spaces, blending functionality with modern aesthetics. This comprehensive makeover not only included the installation of a small shower and toilet but also involved intricate floor and wall tiling, waterproofing, window enhancement, floor levelling, and the integration of essential laundry appliances such as a washing machine and dryer. The addition of a cupboard and benchtop further maximised the usability and visual appeal of the space. We will delve into the details of this project, showcasing our expertise in laundry renovation, design, and tile installation services.

Laundry renovation Bentleigh East Project

This Bentleigh East laundry renovation was designed to address the common challenge of maximising space in compact areas while incorporating modern design elements. The project encompassed a detailed overhaul, transforming the laundry room into a multi-functional space that includes a shower and toilet, catering to the needs of a busy household. Every aspect of the renovation was carefully planned and executed, from waterproofing and tiling to the strategic placement of appliances and storage solutions.

Design and Planning

The key to a successful renovation lies in meticulous planning and design. For this project, our objective was to create a cohesive space that was not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. We worked closely with the homeowners to select a colour scheme and materials that would brighten the space and give an illusion of a larger area. The integration of a shower and toilet into the laundry room was carefully considered to ensure that each function of the space remained accessible and user-friendly.

Floor and Wall Tiling

Tiling plays a pivotal role in both the functionality and style of any renovation project. For the floors, we chose durable, slip-resistant tiles that could withstand the high moisture environment of a laundry room. The walls were adorned with ceramic tiles that complement the room’s colour palette, contributing to the clean and modern look. Precision in tile installation ensured a seamless finish, with waterproof grouting to prevent moisture penetration and mould growth.


Given the multifunctional nature of the space, waterproofing was paramount. We applied a comprehensive waterproofing membrane across all wet areas to protect the structure from water damage. This process is crucial in laundry and bathroom spaces, ensuring longevity and maintaining the integrity of the home’s foundation.

Window Enhancement

Natural light and ventilation were enhanced through the strategic upgrade of the laundry room window. Opting for a larger, frosted glass window provided privacy while allowing ample light to enter the space, creating an airy and open feel. Proper ventilation is essential in laundry rooms to prevent the build-up of moisture and ensure a healthy indoor environment.

Floor Levelling

Before the installation of new flooring, we addressed the issue of floor levelling. Ensuring a level floor is vital for the proper installation of washing machines and dryers, preventing operational issues and noise. A level floor also ensures that water flows correctly to drains, avoiding pooling and potential water damage.

Appliance Integration

The careful placement of the washing machine and dryer was considered to optimise space and functionality. We chose models that offered high efficiency in a compact design, allowing for more floor space. These appliances were installed with easy access to plumbing and electrical outlets, ensuring convenience and safety.

Storage Solutions

To maximise storage in the laundry room, we installed custom cupboards and a benchtop. The cupboard provides ample space for laundry essentials and cleaning supplies, keeping the area clutter-free. The benchtop serves as a practical workspace for sorting and folding laundry, adding to the room’s functionality.

Final Touches

Attention to detail in the final touches brought the entire project together. Modern fixtures, soft LED lighting, and sleek handles on the cupboards contributed to the room’s contemporary feel. The inclusion of a small shower and toilet was finished with high-quality fittings, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance.

The completion of the laundry renovation project in Bentleigh East is a testament to the impact of thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship. By integrating a small shower and toilet, enhancing the floor and wall tiling, and incorporating smart storage solutions, we have transformed a traditional laundry room into a modern, multifunctional space that meets the needs of a contemporary household.

For those in Bentleigh East contemplating a laundry renovation, this project serves as inspiration. With the right team, you can transform any space into a beautiful and practical area that adds value to your home. The success of such a renovation lies in the details—choosing the right materials,

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