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Our team loves to help clients with renovating kitchens and catering to their best interests. Recently we got a project from one of our clients for kitchen renovations Bonbeach. We could take complete control over the project and deliver impressive results.

Planning the kitchen renovation

When it comes to kitchen renovations Bonbeach, we always follow a unique and a customized approach. This approach is helping us to deliver a top-notch experience to the homeowners who spend their money. We followed the same approach when working on this project as well. For example, we had a chat with the client and got to know about the project requirements.

At the time of designing this kitchen, we wanted to add a lot of functionality into it. For example, we added a new bathroom countertop into this. On the other hand, we were able to provide much-needed assistance with lighting up the kitchen as well. However, we didn’t want to go ahead with traditional lighting. Instead, we came up with unique looking lighting. The hanging lights could introduce a modern look and feel into the entire kitchen as well.
The homeowner wanted to make this kitchen connected with the nature. This is the main reason on why we introduced some small houseplants into it. We could place them on the countertop and other similar surfaces on the kitchen to come up with a natural design.

Working on kitchen renovation

This was one of the very specific kitchen renovations projects. Our team loves to accept challenges with kitchen renovations Bonbeach. We happily accepted this project and started working on it. On the other hand, we were also able to contribute a lot towards the good appearance of the kitchen. If you can take a look at the before and after photos, you will clearly see how we could transform this kitchen into an appealing one.

The very first thing we worked on was the kitchen countertop. This was not just a kitchen island. Instead, the countertop had a unique design. Everything else in the kitchen was surrounding the countertop as well. This kitchen was not the most spacious, but the client wanted to make it look spacious. To bring out the spacious appearance of the bathroom, we painted the countertop in bright white color. Since it was the main focal point of the kitchen, we could easily enhance the look and feel of it as well. That’s the main reason on why we focused more on the countertop and made it look unique.

Then we started working on kitchen cabinets. Along with kitchen cabinets, we could arrange the lighting and pantry as well. The last part of this kitchen remodeling project was challenging as well, as we wanted to cater to some specific needs of the client. For example, we were asked to make the kitchen more connected to the nature. We could anyhow accept the challenge and start working on it. For example, we could introduce some plants to the kitchen and help the client to stay connected with the nature.

This was one of the best kitchen renovations Bonbeach that we could complete. We are looking forward to delivering a similar service to all clients who are in need.

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