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Kitchen is a room that we use every single day. Hence, it should be functional and visually appealing. A client from St. Kilda got in touch with us and handed over a kitchen renovation project. The client was engaged with the process of transforming the entire apartment into a minimalist one. We could work along with that and help on apartment bathroom renovation. Upon the successful completion of bathroom renovation task, we were asked to work on kitchen renovation as well. This is where we started working on it.

Planning the Kitchen renovation St. Kilda

This was an ordinary kitchen. However, transforming the ordinary kitchen was never an easy thing to do, as we had to stick to the minimalist theme while working on it. This is where all the work that we did during the planning stage could help us. We were able to provide much-needed assistance to the client with aligning the kitchen to the rest of the apartment along with the minimalist design.

Working on Kitchen renovation St. Kilda

The kitchen renovation process was a time-consuming one. Therefore, we started focusing on one aspect at a time and going forward with the rest. For example, we could initially work on the ovens. The client had an old oven, which we replaced with a new one. Then we started working on the countertops. We carefully picked countertops that match with the minimalist theme, and they could cater to the expectations of the client.

There was a window in the kitchen, and we wanted to get the most out of it. That’s where we came up with the decision of placing a small houseplant next to the window. This houseplant receives adequate sunshine in the morning as the sunshine directly falls on top of it during the morning. Alongside, we included some kitchen drawers, which provided practical storage space. This storage space was more than enough for the client to store the goods without a problem.

We had to focus more on the kitchen sink and the tap as well. We didn’t go for anything fancy, as it would make the kitchen look too complex. Therefore, we decided to keep them simple and basic as much as possible. The project was completed within the shortest possible period of time as well. Hence, we could deliver an impressive overall experience to the client.

Handing over the kitchen renovation

This is among the best apartment renovation projects that we could complete and deliver to our client based in St. Kilda. We were able to work collaboratively along with the client and cater to the expectations. On the other hand, we could also get the maximum use out of it.
For example, this was not a spacious kitchen, and there wasn’t enough space for the installation of a kitchen island. However, we made sure that there is no reason for the client to think about getting a kitchen cabinet. That’s because we could cater to the needs of the client in a way as he expected.

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