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Kitchen renovation Hawthorn


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For every all of us, the kitchen is a very important place. It is her pride. It is the place where the whole family gathers for a tasty meal, where holidays are celebrated and where frank conversations take place. Of course, such a special place should also look special.

There are a number of reasons why we use light colours in this kitchen. One is the limited number of windows. We all know that such colours can visually enhance and make the space look lighter. There are many other positive aspects to this solution.

A light kitchen is a timeless classic. In this project, subtle tonalities have helped us to organise the space in the right way, creating visualisation effects, and drawing attention. The light colours of the palette are versatile, because they can be used in many different design styles and harmonise with many different tones.

White is a popular colour for renovating kitchens

Popular and one of the most luxurious. This shade is very demanding to care for. It should be used discreetly in large kitchens and dining rooms. In a room where white predominates, contrasting shades of yellow, blue and green are a must. Complements can also be soft: sandy, mustard, light brown, pistachio or olive.

The Hawthorn renovation of this minimalist kitchen is relevant to many homes in Melbourne too. There is nothing superfluous about it. White cabinets, a slightly darkened floor and pale coloured worktops are the main features of this project.

A ceiling-mounted sun window was integrated into the kitchen to provide lighting solutions. Additional lighting above the work area is also a necessity. In this case it is important to use concentrated, not diffusing light sources. The space is designed without any unnecessary décor. The furniture is standard, with a perfectly smooth texture and no add-ons. The fittings are made of austere, silver-coloured metal or plastic.

Flooring in a kitchen renovation in a pantry

Ceramic tiles are ideal as flooring for light-coloured kitchens. The owners really like this classic solution. They are strong enough and durable, and will last a long time with proper care. There are also plenty of design options in this area.

In conclusion, the kitchen renovation in Hawthorn was based on the wishes of the client. The result is aesthetic, practical and functional. Such a kitchen will always be clean and tidy, and the preparation of speciality dishes will be a pleasure.

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