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Renovating a house is a big deal, but we could do that in the most effective way for a client in Bonbeach. Along with the success of this project, our team could prove that we are the experts for house renovations Bonbeach. The main areas of this house renovations project was bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation. Along with them, we also had a look at the other aspects of the house and proceed with renovating it, while adhering to client specific requirements.

Focusing on one aspect at a time

We didn’t approach the entire house renovations Bonbeach project as soon as we got it. Instead, we were just focusing on one area of the house at a time. This helped us to provide top-notch results to the client at the end of the day as well.

We initially planned to renovate the bathroom. It was the most challenging thing on this project as well. That’s because the client had a small bathroom, but he wanted to enhance the functionality of it. For example, the client wanted to get a new bathtub into the bathroom, without adding any extra space into it.

Then we planned to work on the kitchen. It was not a traditional kitchen renovation project. Instead, the client had some specific requirements and challenges to address. We were able to cater to them accordingly and make sure that our client is fully satisfied with the outcome. Then we worked on the other areas of the house, such as the living room.

Since we created a solid plan, it was easy for us to work on it and cater to the needs of the client accordingly. We could also ensure that our client was getting the results that he was expecting to receive at the end of the day as well.

Renovating the house

Similar to what we do in all house renovations Bonbeach projects, our team finalized the project plan and then moved to the next stage of working on it. We could strictly adhere to the plan as well because the client was extremely supportive and helpful. We really appreciated that because we could get some of our challenging needs addressed without going through any major struggles.

For example, we wanted to get a mini bathtub to the bathroom as the space available in the bathroom was limited. We could get a one and impress the client. Then we wanted to paint the kitchen countertop in white in order to make the entire kitchen look spacious. The client was happy with the idea as well. The next thing we did was to go ahead and get some houseplants to the kitchen, so that the homeowner can stay connected with nature while preparing meals at the kitchen.

Likewise, we focused on stage by stage and completely transform this house into an excellent renovation project. We could also complete the project in a timely manner, while adhering to the client budget. We are looking forward to offer such house renovations Bonbeach projects to clients in the future as well.

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