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Apartment renovation project in St. Kilda East

We have worked on Apartment renovation projects for numerous clients in St. Kilda East area. The team at House Sanctuary Builders strongly believes that this project was awarded due to the excellent reputation that the team is maintaining in the area as of now. We could live up to our reputation by completing this project successfully as well.

Apartment Renovation Project description in St. Kilda East

This was a multi-storied Apartment we got for renovation. Hence, it had a bigger scope than previous Apartment renovation projects we undertook. However, the team at House Sanctuary Builders could accept the challenge and proceed with delivering outstanding results to the client.
We could transform the entire Apartment and renovate it to a modern one while staying within the boundaries of the client’s budget. The team could also complete the project in a timely manner.

Apartment Renovation Project plan in St. Kilda East

Since this was a multi-storied Apartment, more attention had to be paid towards the planning stage. The team at Sanctuary House Builders knew that every mistake would cost a lot, in terms of money and time. That’s why more attention and effort was paid towards the project plan creation.
All aspects of the Apartment were taken into consideration at the time of planning its renovation projects. Hence, we could provide a clear idea about the timeline and cost to the client as well. This further assisted the client to move ahead with the renovation project and get the best results offered along with it.

Apartment renovation process

During St. Kilda East Apartment renovation process, we had to encounter numerous time-consuming tasks. However, the traders working for House Sanctuary Builders used their experience to overcome those time-consuming tasks and get the best results. For example, the client wanted to get a spacious bathroom constructed for the Apartment. We had to install a new bathtub, a massive bathroom vanity, and a shower area. Likewise, the client wanted to transform other bathrooms in the Apartment as well. We started off the aparment bathroom renovations work first because of the scope of work involved.

Another challenge we had to deal with was renovating the stairs. The client wanted to make the stairs look modern. Since the flooring of this Apartment was constructed in wood, we went ahead and used wood for the stairs as well. However, we introduced tempered glass along with a wooden beam for the handrails. This delivered the modern look and feel to the stairs. We also installed lighting along the stairs to make it look fascinating during daytime as well as the night time.

The team at House Sanctuary Builders worked on an outdoor living space as a part of the Apartment renovation project. We used wood for the construction of it. It was done while knowing that wood is not the most durable for outdoor space constructions. However, we laminated wood and ensured construction according to quality standards. Along with that, we can provide a guarantee to the client that he will be able to continue to use this outdoor living space for a long period of time, without encountering any major challenges.
The Apartment renovation project was successfully completed and handed over to the client at St. Kilda West.

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