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House Sanctuary Builders is one of the most reputed companies in Melbourne for offering house renovations. The team at House Sanctuary Builders has been able to maintain a strong reputation by completing multiple house renovation projects in the past. They include bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and even complete house renovations.

This is one of the recent house renovation projects completed by House Sanctuary Builders for a client based in Oakleigh. The team could complete the job while adhering to the specific needs of the client. On top of that, the project was completed promptly, while catering to client expectations.

The house was a double-storied one. Hence, the house renovations project was quite complex. However, the team at House Sanctuary Builders could come up with a proper plan to deliver an effective service to the customers.
During the renovation, the entire layout of the house was changed. The homeowner wanted to come up with a more practical layout for the house. This is where House Sanctuary Builders could cater to the requirement. The number of bathrooms available in the house was not enough for all family members. Hence, new bathrooms were added. Along with that, a new kitchen and a bar kitchen were added to the house as well. Before the completion of the project, new decking with pergola, new laundry, and many other features were added as well. It was possible to transform the entire house to enhance its looks as well as its functionality.

Plan for makeover

The homeowner wanted to get a new layout as a part of the house renovation project. This is where the team at House Sanctuary Builders analyzed the needs of the client and came up with a proper plan. The plan was verified along with the client before starting off construction activities. It was possible to come up with a perfect plan in the very first instance since an excellent relationship was established at the initial stage.

The new layout of the house included details related to the new bathrooms and new kitchen as well. On top of that, the plan included specific details related to the new deck. The team at House Sanctuary Builders even paid special attention to specific aspects of the house, such as tiles and fixtures, waste disposal, plumbing, and lighting. As a result, it was possible to communicate every aspect associated with house transformation to the client ahead of time and finalize everything. This eventually helped the team to continue with construction activities without encountering any major challenges.

House renovation

Upon finalizing the plan, the team got into the project. The client wanted to get the project completed within the shortest possible time as well. This is where the team at House Sanctuary Builders got into the work and focused on renovating the house. The team could manage the workload perfectly well. As a result, it was possible to get the job completed right on time. It was possible to hand over the work to specialists and ensure quality returns at the end of the day. For example, kitchen renovation specialists took care of the kitchen renovation work, whereas bathroom renovation specialists could take care of bathroom renovation work.

During the renovation project, all client requirements were taken into consideration. Moreover, the latest available technologies were being used to deliver excellent results as well. The project was carried out while adhering to industry standards as well.

The project was eventually completed with ensuring successful results. The homeowner as well as family members were impressed with the results delivered at the end of the day.

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