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With what begins the bathroom renovation? First of all, you need to determine what type of bathroom you want to get as a result: separate or combined.
The first option is especially convenient when the house has a large family, the second – gives room to designer fantasy and allows you to arrange a room for hygienic procedures with maximum comfort.
When the choice in favour of a particular planning solution is made, it’s time to decide on the style. And only after that you can start looking for suitable finishing materials, sanitary ware and furniture.
Bathroom renovation allows you to implement the most original ideas. There are no limits for creative minds, they can turn a standard bathroom into something like an art salon, a colonial bungalow or a Victorian living room.
Take a luxury bath is an incomparable pleasure! We hope that the following project of bathroom renovation with photos will gives you an idea about our professional level and design creativity.

In small bathrooms, you can use no more than two types of tiles, and it is desirable to keep them in one color scheme. Flooring is best laid out diagonally – this method visually expands the space. It is undesirable to choose for a chamber bathroom tiles of large size, especially if it has a relief texture. Such finishing material is only for spacious rooms with good lighting.

You can get quality plumbing from all local shops. If you do not want to overpay for bathroom fixtures, then look at the budget counterparts of lesser-known brands. Often you can find products that are not inferior in quality, but can save you about half the budget for bathroom renovation.

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