Bathroom renovations Cheltenham

Bathroom renovations Cheltenham


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A homeowner in Cheltenham recently approached House Sanctuary Builders and requested a cheap bathroom renovation project. The bathroom was not in good condition at all. However, he could not afford over 30K for the renovation as well. We noticed the problem and went ahead with the project to deliver much-needed assistance to the client. At the end of this bathroom renovation project, we could cater to the needs of the client, while adhering to both budgets as well as the timeline.

The existing bathroom of this house was not a carefully planned one. It was not possible to transform that into a modern-looking bathroom easily. For example, it had separate areas for the commode and the showering area. In fact, there was a wall constructed in between these two areas. There was a small washbasin located in front of these two spaces. The bathroom door was a traditional sliding door. It didn’t even have a mirror.

Planning the project

We wanted to get rid of the wall that separates the bathroom into two areas. This was not a spacious bathroom. Hence, it was never possible for us to go ahead while keeping that wall in the middle. This is the main reason why wanted to get rid of that wall. After getting rid of the wall, we noticed that there is enough space available for the placement of a commode and the shower area.

As a part of the bathroom renovation project, we wanted to remove the old fixtures as well. During the planning stage, we paid more attention to removing those old fixtures as well. We could discover some new fixtures to be installed in place of them.

Bathroom renovations Cheltenham

Our professional bathroom renovation team that worked on this plan strictly adhered to the plan. This is where they got rid of the wall placed in between the commode and shower area. However, the client wanted to have a separation between these two. To cater to the client’s requirement, we installed tempered glass.
Then we removed all the old fixtures in the showering area and replaced them with modern ones. We also created some space on the wall next to the showering area, so that the client will be able to keep soap, shampoo, shower gel, and other personal hygiene products.

We got a modern-looking commode into this bathroom as well. It was able to complement the good looks of this bathroom. Then we worked on the vanity. The existing vanity in this bathroom was a smaller one. We got a similar-sized vanity into this bathroom as well. On top of that, we placed the small washbasin. We also got a smaller mirror to the bathroom to make it complete.
This bathroom was accessible from outdoors. We made it easy for the homeowner and other family members to experience the benefits that come along with it as well. The client was satisfied with the work we delivered. Any person who is looking for this kind of bathroom remodelling project in Cheltenham can think about contacting House Sanctuary Builders.

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