Bathroom renovations Brighton

Bathroom renovations Brighton


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The bathroom renovation in Brighton is one of our many recent projects that we have completed.

Bathroom renovations Brighton

Bathroom is a special room in every home, which has specific conditions: temperature fluctuations, high humidity, etc.
However, it is necessary to place all the necessary plumbing fixtures, equip outlets for all appliances and create a comfortable and convenient room. When renovating the bathroom, we do all the work in the right sequence and in the right way, so that the result pleased all the tenants.
To do this, we discuss with the client what the bathroom should be like, and decide what kind of work will be needed.

Creating a design/renovation plan

To begin with, we decide on what result the owners are expecting, and what they see their bathroom after the renovation: there should be a remodeling, you need to completely change all the plumbing or just change the finish a little bit. For inspiration, we can provide a huge number of interesting options, borrow a few ideas from ready-made examples or copy individual elements. Imagination and inspiration, helped us create a unique bathroom renovation design in Brighton.

The renovation process

We started the bathroom renovation work by installing new pipes and modernizing the water supply system. First we gave the risers the right configuration, then we carried out wiring to the water intake points, and then we installed a filtering system and emergency cut-off valves.
The ceiling was leveled, plastered, and puttyed to make the surface look perfect. Water proofing was carried out in the entire room.
The walls were decorated with ceramic tiles, the advantages of which in this case are undeniable. The tiles were chosen in accordance with the client’s wishes and the recommendations of specialist tilers. Joints between tiles are filled with grout, which can be in the color of the tile or, conversely, contrast with it. For the floor was set as non-slip tile flooring. The design of the entire bathroom was filled with a beautiful combination of colors of the tile finish.

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