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Renovation project Description

Planning the Bathroom renovation St. Kilda project

The homeowner at St. Kilda specially wanted to have a minimalistic bathroom created. In fact, he has transformed the rest of the house to match with the minimalist theme, and he wanted to the same with this project as well.

Before getting hands on the bathroom renovation project, we carefully inspected the client requirements. This is where we noticed that the client is not having a lot of space available within the bathroom. This provided us with the challenge of delivering the best results to the client and catering to his expectations with limited available space. Our team of experts came up with a proper plan for it as well.

Working on the Bathroom renovation St. Kilda

Remodeling a bathroom is never an easy thing to do. It is among the most used rooms in the house. However, we could provide services to this client with apartment bathroom renovations in a convenient and effective manner. It eventually helped the homeowner to receive a perfect experience with bathroom remodelling.

The final outcome

The final outcome of this project is a perfectly designed minimalist bathroom. We could help the client with retaining to the basics of minimalism with the project.
While maintaining minimalism, we were also able to bring in some unique and authentic design elements to the bathroom as well. For example, we didn’t go ahead and use a traditional mirror for this bathroom. Instead, we used a mirror that looks unique like a pearl. On the other hand, we followed a similar approach for the shower tap as well. It was not an ordinary one, but a uniquely designed one. The elegant looks of it contributed a lot towards improving the overall appeal of this bathroom.

Advantages of a bathroom with a window

  • There will always be natural light.
  • It’s what makes the space visually larger, fills it with “air”. This is especially important if the room is cramped.
  • Unusual appearance – even interiors that are simple in style look more interesting.
  • Natural light – saving on electricity during daylight hours.
  • It’s easy to provide privacy with neat curtains or a small rearrangement of the space

Laconic and simple minimalism today is all about noble textures. Stoneware or marble tiles on the floor, painted walls and ceiling – colors are rare here. As a rule, a quiet palette in light, pastel, gray or dark tones is chosen.

Please have a look on the photos of bathroom design with the window in this style: there are almost no decorations, the accents can be functional interior items.

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