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Our team at House Sanctuary specializes in offering bathroom renovation projects of all sizes. One of the most recent projects we completed was to help a client in St. Kilda with renovating a small bathroom. Even though this was not a massive project, we could identify the specific needs and challenges of the client and cater to them accordingly. We were satisfied with the final results as well as the way how the client could get maximum out of available space.

Even though this was a apartment bathroom, we were able to transform it with the services we offered. For example, we worked on new floor installation, toilet installation, mirror and vanity installation, cement board installation, shower fixture installation, and faucet installation. The homeowner provided us with expectations for everything, and we could cater to them accordingly.

This is a one of the smallest bathroom renovations that we have done in the past. However, this remains as one of the best projects that we could complete in the past as well. That’s because we could maintain perfectionism with the services we offered on this. You can expect to receive a top-notch experience from us with any such bathroom renovation project. All you have to do is to get in touch with us and ask for details.

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