Bathroom renovation St. Kilda East

Bathroom renovation St Kilda East


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Renovation project Description

This homeowner in St. Kilda East got in touch with House Sanctuary Builders with the objective of renovating an old bathroom. It was one of the oldest bathrooms that we have seen in Melbourne. From the moment we saw it, we knew that this could involve quite a bit of hard work. However, we accepted the challenge as that’s something we always love to do.
The bathroom was not just an old one, but it didn’t have enough space as well. It looked pretty much similar to a rectangle, with a width of around four feet. Hence, we had to make sure that we get the maximum out of available space in the bathroom. The existing bathroom had a bathtub, commode, and a vanity. They were not in good condition at all. Hence, we had to replace them.
One of the biggest challenges that this client had was that he didn’t have a dedicated showering space. As a result, he had to get on top of the bathtub to shower every single day. This was quite an inconvenient experience for the St. Kilda East client. That’s the main reason why he came up with the request to replace the old bathtub with a shower cubicle.

Designing the renovation St. Kilda East

This was a small-scale bathroom renovation project. However, we had to do careful planning for it because of the nature of the work involved. The first thing we planned was to remove the old bathtub. It was a small bathtub. However, we could find enough space for the custom construction of a shower cubicle within that space. We placed the commode in the same location. However, we replaced the old broken commode with a newer one. Then we replaced the vanity, washbasin, and mirror as well.
The old look of the bathroom had to be removed along with the renovation project. That’s where we came up with the idea of introducing a modern theme for the bathroom. We were able to do that quite effectively.

Renovating the bathroom

As per our plan, we removed the old bathtub. This was a challenging and time-consuming task. Then we got enough space for the construction of the shower cubicle. We didn’t want to cover up the cubicle because the bathroom didn’t have enough space. If we introduced a cover-up design for the cubicle, no extra space would be available in it at all. Hence, we just installed tempered glass to maintain a space between the commode and the bathing area. It could still function in the form of a shower cubicle.
Upon finalizing the showering area, we installed bathroom fixtures. Then we had a look at the commode. This was not a time-consuming task, as we just had to remove the existing commode and replace it with a new one. However, the process of replacing the old vanity was a challenging one. We bought a new vanity that had the same storage space as the old one. The client had two washbasins, but we reduced that to one. Along with that, we installed a better mirror as well.
If you can take a look at before and after photos, you will figure out how great our bathroom transformation is.

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