Bathroom renovation South Yarra

Bathroom renovation South Yarra


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Our team at Home Sanctuary Builders undertake the completion of bathroom renovation projects of all sizes. This is one of the most luxurious bathroom renovation projects that we recently undertook. This was for a client based in South Yarra.

The client was in the process of transforming his home into a luxurious home. In the meantime, he wanted to keep everything minimalistic as well. This was a unique challenge for us, but we could accept it and deliver the results that the client was looking forward to receiving.

Bathroom renovation Plan for makeover

We were provided the freedom to be flexible and creative with this bathroom renovation project in South Yarra. That’s because it was one of the most spacious bathrooms that we came across. We were able to incorporate all the client’s needs into the bathroom without going through any major challenges.

For example, the client wanted to get a spacious bathtub into the bathroom. We could dedicate one end of the bathroom for accommodating that bathtub. Then we focused on creating a separate shower cubicle as well. Since the client wanted to get a minimalist-looking bathroom, we didn’t go ahead with any of the ready-made shower cubicles available out there. Instead, we planned for the construction of a custom shower cubicle.

During the bathroom renovation project, we focused on creating a dedicated space for the commode as well. Since there was enough space in the bathroom, we didn’t have any major challenges when doing that. We were able to allow the client to have dedicated spaces for everything in the bathroom. Even though extra space was available in the bathroom, we were careful to utilize it in an effective way. As a result, we could deliver an impressive experience to our clients as well.

Apartment Bathroom renovation in South Yarra

Upon finalizing the plan, we immediately started construction activities. We used a premium quality bathtub and a commode for this bathroom renovation project. They were carefully chosen to mimic the minimalist look and feel that the client always wanted to get.
Upon placing the commode and bathtub, we went ahead and started working on the custom shower cubicle. We could construct that while offering enough space for anyone to get a relaxed bathing experience. Since we constructed the shower cubicle on our own, we were also able to save some extra money for the client. It was a simple design, which complemented the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

We selected nickel fixtures for the bathroom. The entire bathroom had a whiteish finish. Hence, we wanted to complement that minimalist appearance with chrome fixtures. The results looked much better than what we expected.

The client wanted to have some extra storage space in the bathroom. However, he didn’t want to make the storage space visible. This is where we got storage space behind the mirrors. We delivered enough storage space for the client to keep all shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes, trimmers, and other items inside the storage cabinet behind the mirrors. Moreover, we could get a bathroom vanity with a floating design as well.
We completed the bathroom renovation project in South Yarra by getting some good-looking flowers to improve the overall ambiance.

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