Bathroom renovation Mount Waverley

Bathroom renovation Mount Waverley


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Our team has been constructing, renovating, and revamping bathrooms and house extensions for over two decades. House Sanctuary Builders’ primary objective is to deliver quality makeovers to our clients.

Our outclass suppliers provide fixtures and construction tones at a reasonable rate which is visible in our prices. House Sanctuary Builders takes pride in every project we undertake and emphasis direct client communication with expert provides from our builders and construction crew.

Bathroom Design

House Sanctuary Builders presents a bathroom design that outshines classic windows and earthly tone fixtures. The green thumb rule of a bathroom renovation is minimalism. We propose the bathrooms do not look busy because of the personal nature of the experience for everyone. Bathrooms must be free of clutter with a sleek wall mirror and a hidden, not-so-hidden lavatory.

The temptation to accessorize and overplay the bathroom décor is ever-present. We suggest our clients use classical color tiles and geometric shapes to complement the bathroom shape and the layout of the facilities.
A minimalistic bathroom plan from Mount Waverley helps distinguish it from the master bathroom, which is grand and requires the most appealing bathroom décor. Foremost, bathroom renovation begins with minimum ideas, and the features are gradually added to maintain cohesion and ease of use. Another helpful idea to add modernity into the bathroom is to lay down the marble. This will ooze bathroom luxury while keeping the client on a budget.

Metal Faucets

Designing and installing luxury is very possible while staying on budget. Our team takes pride in constructing bathrooms under the budget provided by the client. All the faucets involved are made of metal with sleek straight lines. Seamless faucet designs never go unnoticed.

Sleek Bathtub

A sleek and minimalistic bathroom design is never complete without a freestanding tub. House Sanctuary Builders suggests symmetrical and sharply designed bathtubs and showers that complement the design and feel of the room. Traditional bathroom tabs are oval-shaped that take far more space than necessary. They are far too uncomfortable and, at times, unhygienic as well. A bathroom with freestanding shower facilities provides the ease of showering or taking a bath, depends on personal preference.

Bathtubs that swallow the entire bathroom because of their colossal size do not mimic a luxurious bathroom. The particular bathroom component is out of budget and impossibly unaffordable for many clients. Regardless of the bathroom size, the real luxury is the accessible floor plan and comfortability.
Choosing the correct bathroom lights and their installation points is a very crucial plan fora bathroom makeover. The modern lights plan is about geometric shapes that complement the shape of the sink and bathtub. Cohesion matters and must be continuously practiced for a successful bathroom plan.
House Sanctuary Builders stresses that our clients think of windows and bathroom lighting as complementary rather than two separate entities. Skylights and large windows will provide ample illumination during the daytime. However, after sunrise, it’s the light’s time to shine. Literally.

Skylights are becoming more popular as they provide functionality and a new light source that was not possible before. In addition, with the help of modern construction tactics, skylights are inexpensive to construct more than ever before to become part of anaesthetically pleasing bathroom well under budget.
Our clients at House Sanctuary Builders are often hesitant to install overhead lighting in the bathroom. It is a modern twist on conventional lighting. There are very handsome fixtures available for our clients to choose from. Sometimes an antique or iron chandelier over the vanity can tie in the bathroom décor.

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