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Renovation project Description

House Sanctuary Builders undertook this project for a client based in Melbourne. The complete focus of the project was to renovate the bathroom. It was an old and non-functional bathroom. However, the client wanted to go through an effective renovation process and make it look appealing again. On top of that, the client wanted to get the maximum out of available limited space in the bathroom as well. We gathered all client requirements and went ahead with the renovation project to deliver outstanding results at the end of the day.

Plan for makeover

The client wanted to remodel and renovate the entire bathroom. However, this was not the most spacious bathroom. Based on the requirements and expectations of the client, it was quite difficult to incorporate all requirements into the bathroom. For example, the client wanted to add two full-sized washing machines to the bathroom. However, we could come up with a proper plan and design the layout of the bathroom, while incorporating all requirements of the client.
Before going ahead with the Apartment Bathroom renovation Melbourne project, we showed the plan to the client and get approval. The client immediately liked our plan, and we were able to implement it without making any additional changes.

Bathroom renovation

At one corner of the bathroom, we designed the shower area. This was a spacious shower area. We didn’t have enough space to accommodate a bathtub, but we made sure that the client doesn’t miss out on having a bathtub in the bathroom. That’s because we were able to introduce a spacious shower.

A glass countertop vanity was introduced to the bathroom along with a renovation project as well. This provided a spacious look and feel to the bathroom. On the other hand, we were able to make sure that the bathroom doesn’t look too small. Along with the vanity, we could save valuable floor space in the bathroom as well.
Premium quality bathroom fixtures were selected for the renovation project. The chosen bathroom fixtures were of appropriate size. That’s because we knew that selecting large bathroom fixtures to this kind of a bathroom would make it appear smaller than what it actually is. Hence, we were careful with the selection of appropriately sized bathroom fixtures.

On the other corner of the bathroom, we arranged enough space for the washing machines. Since the client wanted to have two different washing machines in the bathroom, we came up with the idea of stacking one on top of another. This helped to save a considerable amount of space. Without going for such a design, it would not have been possible to get both washing machines into a smaller bathroom like this one as well.

The client was impressed with the results that the team at House Sanctuary Builders could deliver with the bathroom renovation project. Even the client didn’t expect that all those fixtures and items could be fitted into such a small bathroom while ensuring good looks and functionality. We are happy about the fact that we could help our client with getting the most out of money spent on the bathroom renovation project.

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