Bathroom renovation Hawthorn

Bathroom renovation Hawthorn


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Specifications for Hawthorn bathroom renovation

Before we proceed to the renovation of the bathroom, we pay close attention to the peculiarities of this room. Knowing in advance all the nuances and specifics of the work, you will be able to foresee various shortcomings, reduce the risk of rework and increase the durability of the bathroom renovation. The bathroom is intended for all members of the family. Almost always the humidity here is at a level of 70-85%. When choosing building materials, we always take this parameter into account.

Bathroom ventilation

In no case can be laid ventilation hole in the bathroom. There should be installed a fan for forced extraction of humid air outside. Otherwise the increased humidity in the long term will have a negative effect on the long term use of the bathroom. The warm and humid atmosphere of the bathroom promotes the development of various microorganisms.
Getting in a favourable environment fungus spores can literally in six months to turn the snow-white ceiling into stains, and the cracks between the tiles in the terrible gutters. We always choose materials that are not susceptible to mold or treated with antibacterial impregnation.


In this Hawthorn bathroom renovation, we had to deal with a complex interweaving of cold and hot water pipes. This is one problem we encountered. We have made a competent piping, which is a pledge of future comfortable use of sinks and showers. We also took into account shut-off valves in case it is necessary to repair the water supply point without affecting others.

Installing tiles in the bathroom

Tile reliably protects tiled walls and floor in the bathroom from moisture. In this case, such a finish is durable and aesthetic.
We used porcelain tile for the floor with a rough upper surface to minimize the risk of falling on a slippery wet coating. For the walls, we chose a smooth counterpart, which is easier to clean.


Bathroom is a place designed not only to cleanse the body, but also to restore mental harmony and peace of mind. Here you want to come after a hard day, it is important to cheer up in the morning. To do this, you need to properly think about the design of the room. If you are planning a bathroom renovation and do not know in what style it should be decorated, we will help you to get acquainted with modern trends in our material.

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