Bathroom & Laundry renovation Cheltenham

Bathroom & Laundry renovation Cheltenham


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House Sanctuary Builders Pvt. Ltd is a leading renovation company that has completed many bathroom and laundry renovation projects. Recently, we completed a Bathroom and Laundry renovation in Cheltenham according to the plan, budget and client expectations. During the process, posh features were added in an old bathroom that required real spruce up. In this renovation project, the old fixtures and fittings were replaced with the new ones, hence adding style to the bathroom and making it look modern. We have placed together some details that House Sanctuary Builders adopted for this bathroom and laundry renovation in Cheltenham.

Combined Bathroom and Laundry

The first step completed by House Sanctuary Builders was to plan the whole combined bathroom and laundry. At first, we communicated with the client to get to know all requirements and expectations. The team at House Sanctuary made a meeting with the client to know what the client wants to move from the bathroom and where along with the budget related to plumbing, waste disposal, tiles and fixtures, painting, lighting, etc.
Once all plans get completed, the bathroom drawings were submitted to the local council for the building permit approval.

Bathroom and Laundry plan

As soon as a council has confirmed the planning permit, our professional traders have started the work including laundry demolition and preparing space for further work for bathroom tiling and the final clean up. To create a more useable space, the floor plan was changed completely.

For this bathroom and laundry renovation, our scope of work included the installation of a new laundry sink and new shower along with putting a washing and drying machines into the laundry. The next step was the demolition of the old bathroom and laundry and preparing space for further work. After, we moved the shower plumbing and toilet on the concrete slab. Apart from repairing the walls, the electrical rough-in was done by our experts to make sure that all the measurements are correct before actual installation or final connections.

The next step was the installation of floor and tile finishes. It involves fitting off fixtures and fittings, floor and wall tiling, waterproofing, cement sheet installation, grouting, tiling, and painting. Moreover, we also installed new cabinets and overhead cupboards while leaving much space to fit a dryer or washer.
As per the client’s requirements, the laundry room and bathroom of the client were combined into a single space. This not only improves storage space, lighting, and ventilation but the client could get easy access to the washing machine, vanity, and dryer – all in a single place.

Our bathroom renovation specialists make use of the latest technology to complete a combined laundry renovation with a new sink, washing machine, cupboards, and fittings. Being one of the best shower tile installers, we can provide you the best work for shower tile installations, bathtub installation, and bathroom sink installation, hence managing the process from start to finish. In short, by following a few approaches, we successfully combined laundry and bathroom in Cheltenham.

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