Bathroom and Laundry renovation Kew

Bathroom and Laundry renovation Kew


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The team at House Sanctuary Builders specializes in bathroom renovations. Among the bathroom renovation projects, this is one of the most exciting projects that we could undertake so far. The client from Kew came up with the idea of renovating three bathrooms, a laundry room, and a sauna. We were able to complete the Kew project successfully and impress the client. Even though the client came up with such an extensive requirement, we could not find enough space to execute all the ideas. That’s where we could come up with a plan based on our past experience to cater to all the needs of the client while taking maximum out of available space.

Bathroom and Laundry renovations plan

Since the client was expecting something more than what we deliver, we had to come up with a unique plan for the completion of this project. This is where we focused on each aspect of the bathroom separately. For example, we initially started planning the three bathrooms. We paid attention to how the client and his family members are going to use each and every bathroom. Based on that, we were able to complete the layout. Then we had a look at the laundry room. Finally, we drew the plan for the sauna. That’s where we noticed that it was not a difficult task to cater to client expectations while adhering to all the requirements.

Steps were taken to renovations in Kew

Upon confirming the renovation plan with the client, we went ahead with the steps to complete this bathroom renovation. We had to start everything from the scratch. However, it was not a challenging experience for the team as we were just adhering to the basics and following the plan.

The team followed the same order as creating the plan at the time of working on the bathroom renovations project as well. For example, we initially focused on the three bathrooms. For the main bathroom, the client wanted to get a massive shower cubicle. We could deliver a custom bathroom cubical to cater to the needs of the client. Then we worked on the bathtub, commode, and vanity. Even though this was the main bathroom, it didn’t have a square shape. However, we could take the maximum out of the odd shape of the bathroom and come up with a space-saving design.
The team went ahead and followed a similar approach to the other bathrooms as well. Even though those bathrooms offered smaller spaces, we were able to get the maximum out of what is available. All the fixtures that the client wanted to get in the bathrooms were installed accordingly.

Then we had a look at the laundry renovation room. The client wanted to get a washing machine and a dryer for the laundry room. Since the laundry room had enough space, we didn’t have to stack them on top of each other. We could place them side by side. Along with the dryer and washer, we also installed a small washbasin in the laundry room. On top of that, we placed some pictures on top of the washer and dryer on the wall to enhance its good looks. As the last step, we worked on the sauna and delivered the project to the client.

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