How to properly organize the space of the laundry room?

How to properly organize the space of the laundry room?

The laundry is an integral part of the interior in a house. Its location and design are planned at the stage of the house design, so that all the necessary connections, thinking in advance about the convenience and functionality of its use by the hostess and service personnel.

Despite the fact that the laundry has mainly an economic purpose, you can not forget about the aesthetic component. After all, here the hostess spends a significant part of time: sorts dirty clothes, soaks, loads in the dryer, hangs, ironing, folds, etc. And probably these mundane chores would be more enjoyable if the interior of the laundry would be beautiful.

How to create enjoyable atmosphere so that the soul sings, even when sorting dirty clothes?

Let’s take a look at all aspects of a design beautiful and functional laundry in a house.

What should be in the laundry room?

  • washing machine (one or more for different modes)
  • dryer
  • sink for washing hands, shoes and pre-soaking
  • clothes dryer or clothes closet
  • ironing board (mobile or built-in)
  • baskets for dirty laundry (their number depends on how the hostess is used to sort dirty laundry: by color, by material, by destination)
  • cupboards and niches for iron, vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets, basins, etc.
  • Drawers and shelves for detergents, gloves, rags, brushes, etc.

The organization and layout of the laundry depends directly on its size and shape. If the room is small, from 4-8 square meters, it will accommodate only the most necessary: washing machine, baskets, dryer, ironing board.

Cabinets, drawers and shelves are designed with maximum ease of storage of detergents, household items and their use. But at the same time it is necessary to think about the laws of ergonomics, leaving enough space for comfortable performance of work processes: load washing machine, hang clothes on the dryer, iron the clothes, fold clean clothes, etc.

To visually expand a small space, use light, cool colors for walls, ceiling and furniture.

A small laundry room can be square or elongated

In this case, the equipment and furniture are lined up along one wall, leaving at least one meter of aisle. When arranging the equipment and furniture, the sequence of work processes is taken into account.

Baskets for dirty clothes will be more rational to put near the entrance, then the sink for washing hands, then the washing machine, dryer and ironing board. Of course, this is not fundamental, and there can always be individual nuances of the location of water and sewage, as well as personal preferences of the hostess, which are necessarily negotiated with an interior designer when developing the laundry renovation project.

The right location of laundry in a house

For a laundry, it is very important to have a waterproof floor, good ventilation and heating, proximity to water and sewage risers. It is good if the room has a window for quick ventilation, as there should not stagnate unpleasant odors of detergents, and hanging on the dryer things must dry quickly.
Based on these requirements, a separate room near the kitchen or bathroom as well as a heated basement or semi-basement would be the ideal place to locate the home laundry.

If there is no possibility to allocate a separate room for the laundry, there is always another practical option – to arrange it under the stairs or in a passable corridor at the entrance from the backyard. Here immediately, entering the house from the garden, you can wash your hands, dirty shoes, throw your work clothes in the washing machine or in the hamper.

Laundry room design

The design of the laundry room is determined primarily by the style in which the interior of the house is decorated: classic, country, provence, loft, scandinavian, mediterranean, youth fusion or laconic minimalism. Although harmonious combinations of styles are also possible.

If the interior of the house is maintained in an elegant classic style, then the design of the laundry in the basement can be done in a lighter country style. Loft can be combined with Scandinavian, minimalism and fusion, etc.

Interior color and furniture for the laundry

The color of the interior and furniture for the laundry is also chosen in accordance with the color scheme of the house itself. The classic option for furniture is, of course, white and all shades of milk, vanilla, ivory. They expand the space, creating an atmosphere of festive purity!

The elegant palette of gray is often used to paint wooden furniture in bright rooms with windows, where there is enough natural sunlight. Furniture in natural shades of wood is suitable for country style, rustic, loft, bringing you closer to the natural values of nature.

The delicate blue range refreshes the interior of even a small laundry, filling it with a breath of sea azure. More juicy shades of blue look spectacular against a white background, setting it up for positive and productive work. In such an interior you want to do and have time to do a lot, to make real plans for the future. Yellow will lift your spirits and fill with sunshine even a closed basement of the laundry.

Mediterranean palette: turquoise, olive, mint, sage, peach, mango – a riot of warm colors of the Mediterranean, which will turn ordinary household chores into a fascinating story with a beautiful ending! You can add bright colors with the help of wallpaper, colorful accessories, curtains, and lighting fixtures. You can change these details from season to season, thereby easily and inexpensively updating the home laundry room interior.

Dog in a house

If you have a dog, then the laundry is the right place to organize for it an individual shower and a cozy place to rest after water procedures. When your dog comes back from a walk, it will already know where to go, and an owner will make it paws and fur look amazing and shiny.

A beautiful and functional laundry in a home has many nuances that are impossible to talk about in one blog post. So if you still have questions about how to intelligently plan the interior of the laundry in a home, then get in touch with us.

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