Rebuild or Renovate?


Living in your own house has many advantages compared to the apartment. It has its own backyard, no neighbors jumping upstairs, and no risk of being flooded from above or flooding someone downstairs. You can also add here the free layout, your garage, additional buildings in the yard and much more.

There are more and more people who want to live in their own house to escape the madness of recent years, and many people have a question: what is better – to buy an old house and renovate it, or rebuild?

To understand what is more profitable, consider the advantages, disadvantages and features of both options.

Renovating an old house: advantages, disadvantages, what to pay attention to.

What to do with the old house – to renovate or rebuild?

Here everything will depend on different factors, among which the current state of the construction, the materials used and the possibility of modernization. The condition of the wood, the presence of termites and the layout of the house.

Among the advantages of repairing an old building, it is worth noting the small financial budget. If the condition of the building is satisfactory, most often it is enough to replace windows, doors, insulation, remodelling and renovation inside. Many of the works can be done with your own hands, which will save significantly on the services of billers. It is also worth noting that the old building is officially registered along with the land in the local council, so the only thing left is to change the owner.

Among the disadvantages of renovation an old house it is worth noting the following:

  • The impossibility of radically changing the layout.
  • You can not expand the area or increase the number of rooms.
  • Possible difficulties with the modernization of the heating system, plumbing and drainage.

If the decision has been made to renovate a house, the first thing to pay attention to is the current state of the house. It makes sense to rebuild an old house only when the structure has a quality foundation and load-bearing walls. Otherwise, you will have to tear everything down and start building from scratch. The second important point is the quality of engineering communications. If the house is very old, you will need to rewire, change the plumbing, heating radiators and various technical lines. But in the end, repairs can come out much cheaper than building a new house.

Rebuild house: advantages and disadvantages

Your own, new home, built from scratch, has several advantages:

  • The implementation of an individual project. You build a house “for yourself” taking into account the composition of the family, individual preferences for style, design and other criteria.
  • The opportunity to use modern technology. Not every old house can be equipped with modern heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems.
  • There is no need to spend money to upgrade the property. In many cases, it comes at a significant financial cost, from new windows and doors, to major renovations with remodeling inside.

If the new house is properly designed and built with quality materials, it will last a long time without repairs and additional financial investments. Such a house can become a real “family paradise” for several generations.
Also on the positive side is the fact that no one has ever lived in a new house before.

The disadvantages of building a new home is very few. One of them is a fairly high cost, because first you have to contact design companies for the development of the design project, then agree the location of communications, buy building materials, hire workers and register your home. It requires not only money, but also time, so wishing to move into their own new home as quickly as possible, this option is not suitable. It is worth noting that not always free land for construction is located in places with well-developed infrastructure: kindergartens, schools, stores and libraries. You should also take into account that the landscaping of the adjoining territory may take several years until the newly planted young bushes and trees will grow.

If you have made the decision to renovate your home, and you want your home to be unique, practical and stylish – contact our company. Our large experience in this area allows us to renovate houses of any complexity, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

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