Ban on Gas Connections to New Homes from January 2024 in Victoria

Ban on Gas Connections to New Homes from January 2024 in Victoria

The announcement by the Victorian government on banning gas connections to new homes from January 2024 marks a significant policy shift with wide-ranging implications for Melbourne’s property market. This directive not only alters the future landscape for newly constructed homes but also impacts existing flats, houses, and units in various aspects, including construction, renovation, and the cost of living.

Transitioning from Gas to Electricity

The policy change signals a fundamental shift from gas to electricity as the primary energy source for new residential constructions. As a result, Melbourne’s construction industry must quickly adapt, developing strategies for new houses and implementing the necessary infrastructure to support electricity-powered appliances.

Construction Impact

According to these changes, local councils will only be authorised to approve building permits for new houses with an electrical connection. The construction of new houses, flats, and units in Melbourne will now require reevaluation of the planning and development process. Developers and builders will need to focus on integrating electricity into all aspects of design and construction, from heating to cooking facilities.

1. Heating Systems: Traditional gas heaters must be replaced with electric alternatives, necessitating innovative engineering solutions to maintain regulations.
2. Kitchen Appliances: Gas stoves and ovens must give way to electric counterparts, which will influence kitchen design and functionality.
3. Energy Capacity Planning: The increased reliance on electricity may require enhanced electrical infrastructure to support higher loads, possibly leading to changes in local energy grids.

Renovation Considerations

The ban might affects existing properties in Melbourne, particularly those undergoing renovation. Homeowners and property developers must consider the following factors:

1. Upgrading Systems: Renovation projects will likely require upgrading gas systems to electric ones. This transition may be challenging, requiring careful planning, budgeting, and collaboration with professionals skilled in electric system installation.
2. Compliance: Properties undergoing significant house renovation may be required to comply with the new regulations, necessitating additional investment to replace gas connections and appliances with electric alternatives.
3. Market Value: Renovated properties that align with the new directive may effect in market value, as they will be viewed as property without gas infrastructure connection.

Cost of Living Considerations
The shift from gas to electricity is poised to affect the cost of living in Melbourne. Here’s how:

Initial Costs: Electric appliances and infrastructure may be more expensive initially, potentially leading to higher construction and renovation costs.
Running Costs: While electric heaters and appliances can be more energy-efficient, fluctuations in electricity prices could influence monthly bills.
Long-Term Impact: Over time, market forces and increased demand for electric appliances may drive costs up. Especially when you consider the recent legislation to raise electricity rates by 25% in Australia.

Market Dynamics and Opportunities

The ban on gas connections will inevitably influence Melbourne’s property market dynamics:

1. New Market Opportunities: The surge in demand for electric alternatives could create new business opportunities for electric appliance manufacturers, suppliers, and installers.
2. Property Value Fluctuation: Properties with only electrical infrastructure can become cheaper, possibly affecting the market prices of different types of properties including flats, houses and units.
3. Innovation in Design and Technology: Builders, architects, and designers may leverage the shift to electricity in design, technology, and construction methodologies.


The ban on gas connections to new homes from January 2024 in Victoria is more than a regulatory change; it’s a catalyst for a broader transformation within Melbourne’s property market.

If you are planning to build in Victoria, you need to hurry to be able to keep a gas connection in your new home.

For the renovation house everything remains unchanged for now. Contact us if you are planning to renovate your bathroom, kitchen or entire house.

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