5 Tips to Quickly Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

5 Tips to Quickly Increase Your Home's Value Before Selling

Everyone wants to sell their apartment at a higher price. But putting a high price, there is a risk of not finding buyers. Spending a little effort, you can increase the chances of selling your home at a good price. We have described the most important tips on how to increase the value of a house or apartment before selling.

  1. Paint the walls in neutral colors
  2. Order a general cleaning
  3. Get rid of stinky household odors
  4. Rearrange the furniture
  5. Professional photography

1. Paint the walls in neutral colors

Maybe you like pink, bright walls, or something else out of the ordinary. Then you’ll have a hard time finding buyers, most of whom prefer a neutral style. According to a study of major real estate companies that studied hundreds of thousands of images of homes sold, if room walls were painted light blue, pale blue or gray, the home sold for an average of $5,000 more than similar options. Choose neutral colors that the vast majority of potential buyers like.

It’s important to make minor cosmetic repairs to make everything seem new, but don’t invest in an overhaul of your home – the costs won’t pay off.

2. Order a general cleaning

An ordinary thing you should do is to clean up. Clean out the trash in the closets and garage, wipe the dust, do with your yard, if you have it in a poor condition. You need to make a pleasant impression, meet potential buyers fully equipped. If you don’t have time to do that, hire a professional cleaner and space organizer to, for example, clean the garage. Or hire workers to clean up the back lot.

In the case of the apartment, of course, it is very desirable that everything was good in the entrance hall, but we understand that you will not make repairs by yourself. This is the responsibility of the management company. At least clean up on your floor. It is also very important that there should be no personal photos or personal belongings. They make the space look busy and can discourage buyers.

3. Get rid of stinky household odors

Make sure your home or apartment has a pleasant fragrance. No trace of damp smells! Ventilate the place before the customers come in.

If it smells like tobacco, animals, sewage, alcohol, or building materials, it can discourage customers. Buy a good air freshener for the bathroom and rooms, air out the apartment and fill it with pleasant scents. Do not overdo it, the smells should be moderate. After you finish cleaning, light scented candles. They will help get rid of possible unpleasant odors, as well as the smell of cleaning products. A house that smells good is pretty.

4. Rearrange the furniture

Make an emphasis on furniture that is sure to remain. It is clear that all sorts of garbage like a collapsed sofa against the wall will only scare away potential buyers. But new or perfectly preserved, renovated kitchen will be a big plus. If the kitchen set is made to order according to a predetermined size, there is no point in taking it away. Tell potential buyers that for this German furniture gave three years ago a solid amount, show what quality fittings, countertops and how much storage space there is.

Real estate agents assure that houses and apartments with closets sell better and faster. If you have a pantry that is still being used as a storage room for old things, buy storage systems and convert it into a walk-in closet. The investment will pay off, experts say. For example, a built-in closet is a very nice addition to the functionality of the house. It will look very impressive if you can improve the space of the closets with sliding sections and drawers.

5. Professional photography

According to the change in our behavior, everyone is looking for real estate on the Internet. For this reason, photos of your house or apartment are very important. Even the nicest penthouse can be photographed poorly and you will lose out on the sale. If the photos don’t appeal, buyers will immediately move on to another option or won’t give you the price they want.

Don’t be greedy to invest in a professional photographer who will take quality photos. Experts and real estate agents recommend publishing at least 12 photos.

The important thing here is not to overdo it. Having seen the house for the first time, a potential buyer can be very disappointed. The buyer may be upset with the house itself if the photos are very different. So beautiful photos are important, but they should match reality as much as possible.

These were 5 simple home presale tricks. Thank you very much for reading.
Have a good day!

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