How to choose bathroom plumbing fixtures

How to choose bathroom plumbing fixtures

When renovating a bathroom, it is necessary to properly replace the old bathroom fixtures with new ones. What should be considered when choosing plumbing fixtures? With such a huge choice it is difficult not to be confused. That is why we have prepared an overview with expert advice.

A harmonious combination

Going shopping, remember that the bathtub, toilet and bidet (in the combined version), shower and sink must be combined with each other. The materials, style and quality of all plumbing are important.

The main requirements when choosing bathroom fixtures – convenience, comfort, hygiene. Style, shape and size are chosen depending on personal preferences and space features.

Do not forget about the quality of bathroom fixtures. After all, you will install them not for one year. For each type of sanitary ware there are their own requirements.

What kind of plumbing material should I choose?

Usually sinks, bidets and toilets are made of faience or porcelain. What is the difference between them?

Earthenware bathroom fixtures

Earthenware bathroom fixtures have a beautiful appearance, are lightweight and relatively inexpensive.

Porcelain bathroom fixture

Porcelain bathroom fixtures look very smooth, because the way the material is fired is different. It is more resistant to temperature changes, and take care of porcelain more convenient, since sludge and dirt do not remain on it. If the room is unheated, it is better to give preference to porcelain sanitary ware. It is more expensive than faience products, but also heavier.

We will also highlight a number of other materials that are used in the manufacture of bathroom fixtures.

Composite bathroom fixtures

They are characterized by increased strength compared to other materials. They are not afraid of mechanical impacts and chemical substances. Externally, they are similar to the granite surface. Have excellent smoothness and shine. They require minimal care, because they do not pick up dirt. The disadvantages include their high cost.

Marble bathroom fixtures

It is considered an expensive, luxurious and durable material. But due to its porosity, additional care is required, as marble surfaces get dirty quickly.

Glass bathroom fixtures

A trendy material because it creates an attractive ambiance in the bathroom. In terms of durability, it can compete with faience and porcelain. In the manufacture of such sanitary ware, there are higher requirements for hardening and strength. Requires constant care, since the glass is very noticeable any stains, drips. Washbasins have to be wiped dry daily.

Bathroom sinks: selection criteria

Since bathroom sinks come in different shapes and mounting methods (tulip, shaped, wall and cascade), first of all, pay attention to the holes for the faucet. Different types of sinks have different sets of faucet holes, and there are quite a few to choose from.

Pay attention to the fact that the sinks with a safety hole against overflow (overflow) of water are equipped with special fasteners and their own trap.

Your choice of sink also depends on the size of your bathroom. For small spaces, corner models or built-in options are appropriate.

Toilets: What to look out for

Water meter give preference to the model with a half-flush in order to save money.

To ensure that the water flows all around the edge of the toilet, it is better to buy a product with a circular drain.

Another very important aspect: Consider when buying a toilet at what angle is the sewer pipe. There are options at an angle and straight. So, choose the toilet bowl under the parameters that you have at home. Otherwise there will be time-consuming work on the fitting of pipes.


When selecting bathroom fixtures, you need to think in advance about the list of all the plumbing products you need for your bathroom renovation.

Today the market provides a huge range of bathroom plumbing items, toilets containing bidet functions, built-in, overhead or freestanding sinks, there are also plumbing items designed for use by the elderly or even pets.

The choice of plumbing fixtures should be primarily guided by its functionality, stylistic affiliation and your budget, and bathroom fixtures are also determined.

In most cases, manufacturers provide a warranty on the range of plumbing products. Therefore, when buying, pay your attention to this aspect, and do not forget to issue a warranty on the purchased items.

When choosing plumbing products, it is difficult to decide on the manufacturer, so in order to avoid difficulties, trust the well-known brands that occupy the leading position in the market of bathroom plumbing fixtures.

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